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Breachwood Green JMI School

Admissions Policy

We welccome visits for you (and your child) to view the school. Please contact the school office if you would like to arrange this and meet with Mrs Badham.

Admission Procedure for ‘Other 4s’/Reception/Foundation Stage Class

Children under 5 are known as ‘Other 4s’ until the term of their 5th birthday, when they become Reception Infants and are known as The Foundation Stage. Application forms are available from the Hertfordshire Education Board Admissions web site www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/services/edlearn/admissions/. Paper copies can be forwarded on to parents who request this option. Admission forms for September 2018 will be processed during the autumn term of 2017. The form asks parents to state the school they would like their child to attend. Three additional choices are called for. Parents are encouraged to complete these forms online and send them directly to the Local Authority Admissions Team.

Places are awarded by the Hertfordshire local Education Board Admissions Team on behalf of the school. Our admissions number for any year group is 15. Parents who live in Luton or Bedfordshire need to follow the admissions guidance for that authority but can put Breachwood Green School as one of their choices on these forms. Parents who live outside Hertfordshire are also strongly encouraged to apply on line to their own Education Authority.

If interest in the school exceeds capacity, places are awarded according to the admissions criteria in the Hertfordshire Local Authority rules. Parents are informed of the decision by the local authority admissions team.

Parents of children not given places have the right to appeal to an independent appeals panel and can also ask to be included in the School's ‘Continued Interest List’ should a place become available in the future. Please remember to log your interest termly with the county admissions team. If they do not hear from you, your name will be deleted from the Continued Interest List.

A special evening meeting is held each July for parents of new children entering school the following September. At this meeting further information is given, details are discussed, questions will be answered and basic school uniform may be purchased.

Shortly before joining us children are invited, with their parents, to visit the school for part of the morning session and lunchtime to help them settle into their new school and make new friends. At this time parents are also invited to sample a free lunch.

Admission to the School for pupils other than Reception

Parents of older children who are interested in a place, or were unsuccessful in the initial admissions procedure, are advised to discuss the possibility of available places with the Headteacher and encouraged to be included on the school’s Continued Interest List which is held electronically by the Hertfordshire Schools Admissions Team.

Parents of children not given places can appeal to the Hertfordshire Education Board’s Admissions Officer and can ask to be included (or remain) on the school’s ‘Continued Interest List’ should a place become available in the future. This must be done via the local authority admissions team who do this centrally.

If a place becomes available and there is more than one name on the ‘Continued Interest List’, the local authority admissions rules will be re-applied by the Local Authority to all on the list and places will be given accordingly. (* see above)

We try to make children joining Breachwood Green feel at home as soon as possible. Our staff aim to visit local pre-school groups and nurseries to find out about each child who is to join the school so that we can anticipate the needs of everyone and aim for a smooth transition.

How to Apply for a School Place

Click the link below to view our full school policy which includes full details of how to contact Hertfordshire Education Board of Admissions.


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