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Breachwood Green JMI School

School Council

We want to prepare the children at Breachwood Green School JMI for the democratic world we live in, recognising that their opinion counts and knowing that it can be used to influence others.  We want our children to be part of the important decision making that drives our school forward.  In order to achieve this, the children were asked to write manifestos which they then read to their classes. Each class then voted for the children who they thought would make the best representives for the school.   The results are below:

 School Councillors 2017 - 2018

Class 2: Ammalie      Macie

 Class 3: Max             James

           Noann          Ben

   Class 4: Jake             Bethan

             Ted              Lucy

Changes made by the Councillors this year:

Reward Afternoon 

The children in school asked for somehing special to celebrate the winning house colour each term.  The councillors felt a reward afternoon would be a good incentive and polled the school to identify which would be the most popular activity. As a result of this, the winning house colour now recieve a 'Movie and Popcorn Afternoon' at the end of each term.  

Buddy Bench Reinstated

The councillors identified that the Buddy Bench is not being used as it had previously been intended to and asked if they could give it a revamp. They chose a new Buddy Bench sign and gave the school two options for a poem on it.  Watch this space to see the finished product...coming soon.


It was brought to the councillors attention that the children would like more options for after school clubs at Breachwood Green so they asked Mrs Badham to see what clubs were on offer.  The councillors then went back to their classes and asked them to vote on a number of clubs. As a result of this, the children will be offered the following clubs in the autumn term:

- KS2 Dodgeball

- Football

- Scooter

- Circus 

- Gymnastics

- Tech Club





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